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Delivering data   —   where and when you need it


Runs on MacOS X, Windows, Solaris, Linux and HP-UX!

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Use SR·Agent
Run pre-configured transports ...

  • on the command line
  • in scripts
  • from process control applications

Overall performance is increased with SR·Agent because you have the flexibility to use SR·Agent on many platforms, which means it can execute closer to your data - which improves data transfer speed.

SR·Agent uses the same data interface engine as SR·Transport. Tested in applications for over 10 years.

Running on the command line

Once a transport instruction file has been setup with SR·Transport, you can run your transport and see a log of the data being moved. This step also allows you to see all errors as they occur. You are able to pause the transport and then continue or abort, depending on your needs. To aid in development and eliminate any possible disasters and restores, you can do a trial run on the transport which performs all steps of the transport, except the very last step of delivering data to the destination.

Transports can be executed on the command line (or from a command script) by providing the name of your *.transport file.

     UNIX/LINUX/OSX   % sragent customer.transport
     WINDOWS          C:\> sragent customer.transport


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