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SRTransport deployed

SRTransport in a hospital setting

SRTransport as an ETL solution.


  • SR·Transport
  • SR·Agent
  • Proving value through ROI
    Don't waste valuable resources programming and scripting. Apply your IT talents where they really matter while reducing errors and maintenance costs and increasing application flexibility. Evaluate SR·Transport now!

    A solid base for core enterprise applications
    Schema Research products support key processes in a variety of industries. For over ten years, hospitals have relied on SR·Transport for interactive data loads and SR·Agent for database-to-database nightly data transfers.


    Migration Services
    Move your data to a new database platform. Our expertise and software tools make us the most efficient solution around.

    Bridge existing applications to new databases, or create solutions tailored to your needs.

    New applications targeting MacOS X with Cocoa, targeting cross platform with Java/SWING, or targeting the web with WebObjects, JSP, PHP or other technologies.

    SR·Transport version 6 released for Panther – More powerful and even easier to use, customers are raving about the latest release of SR·Transport. Read the press release.


    "SRTransport solves problems quickly without programming - but more importantly - it lets us accomplish our work with significantly less assistance from MIS staff"
    Shelly Peters, President 
    Legacy Data Access, Inc.

    Schema Research Corporation webmaster